Pick and Store Small Items Perfectly with the Jungheinrich Vertical Lift

The Jungheinrich vertical lift is a self-contained, automated storage and supply system. With the help of a lift individual trays can be pulled out and moved to the output service opening. You save up to 85 % storage area, shorten the distances and minimize the error picking rates.

Basic characteristics

  • Increased storage capacity with a significantly smaller footprint
  • More security and protection for operator and goods
  • Accurate inventory stocks due to integration in internal ERP/WMS systems
  • Modular expandability
 The modular LRK vertical lift is a self-contained system in which trays are stored vertically on both sides of the unit. By reading a bar code or pressing a button, trays are automatically conveyed to the extractor located in the centre and transported from here to the service opening.

Due to the modular design, the LRK can be adjusted at any time both before and after installation to the relevant height requirements – and the number of service openings can also be modified.
Depending on the room height, it is possible to save up to 85 percent on floor space in comparison with conventional systems.
The LRK scans each tray automatically – the products to be stored are then assigned to the ideal storage location in increments of 25 mm.
The modular design of the LRK ensures almost unlimited flexibility regarding the use of different ceiling heights.
The unit height can be selected at intervals of 100 millimetres to ensure that the LRK always corresponds optimally to the respective capacity and height requirements. Even if its location changes, it can be quickly adapted to the new conditions by adding or removing modules.
When used over several floors, up to 6 service openings can be integrated into the front and back of the LRK at any point; these can also be changed subsequently. The shutter door in each service opening prevents draughts and protects operators and stored goods.